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Mobile Car Headlights & Tail lights Tinting For Small And Medium Car

THE PRICE IS FOR 2 x REAR (Tail lights) or 2 x FRONT (Headlights)

Mobile Detail Car Headlight Tinting service in Greater London and Surrey offers a same-day solution for conveniently washing the exterior of your vehicle.

This detailing service can be done at any time between 8AM and 8PM on the day of booking. If this is a same-day booking service, we can not guarantee an exact time.

Locations Served: Central London, Part of North London, Part of North West London, Part of South London, and South West London, East London.

If you live in a different area, we may still be able to provide a valeting service for your vehicle. Please contact us before booking to confirm availability.

Mobile Detail Car Headlights & Tail lights Tinting In Greater London And Surrey

Service provided by us is convenient and time saving. So you do not need to wait at the car washes but we come to you and visit your location, house or office.

Book today or call us to check our availability. We do our best to cut time and do the service as soon as possible if available.

In addition we have ability to wash light and medium dirty cars parked in luxury underground car parks.

What Is Included In Detail Car Headlights and Tail lights Tinting?

THE PRICE IS FOR 2 REAR (Tail lights) or FRONT (Headlights)

  1. Headlights or Tail lights are Pre-Washed with safe high-end biodegradable product Scratch FREE
  2. Rinse the car lights
  3. Dry the car with high quality microfibres towels
  4. Polish the headlight or tail lights
  5. Installation of High Quality Vinyl Ting
  6. Quality of Installation Check

Price: £ 80.00

IMPORTANT! – Your presence will not be essential for this detailing service.

For available extras, please ask our Valeting Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

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£ 80.00 1 hour & 30 min.
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all about window tinting

Window Tinting film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in automobiles and boats and also to the interior or exterior of glass in homes and buildings. It is usually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family, due to its clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and ability to accept a variety of surface-applied or embedded treatments. In general Window films are categorised by their construction components (dyed, pigmented, metallized, ceramic or nano), by their intended use (automotive, marine or architectural), by substrate type (glass or polycarbonate), and/or by their technical performance (privacy, solar control, safety and security). So window film is normally installed by professionals.

V2 Detailing in general are offering a broad selection of automotive tint films, each able to improve the look and performance of window glass in its own way. In fact we supply and install only High Quality films like SunTek that comes with certificate and warranty. In addition we are able to Tint car windows at customers premises using highest technology.

By all means select Metal-free Ceramic or Carbon film technology to keep GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference. In addition make a statement with an industry-leading specialty mirrored look. To clarify you can go for a low-key clear film that doesn’t alter appearance. To clarify and obey the Government – The Law, rules and usage please visit government website:

SunTek Carbon Window Tinting Film


SunTek Carbon Window Tinting
SunTek Carbon Window Tinting Film.

SunTek’s Carbon 2 ply range provides superior quality and performance. The proprietary construction utilises unique and innovative Carbon technology and the non-reflective black finish will not fade. The range also gives great solar performance with advanced UV protection and there are no metal layers so no interference with mobiles, radio and sat-navs. To clarify it’s a non-reflective, rich black that’s backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, including protection against fading. In other words all films block 99% of harmful UV rays.

Carbon Window Films – CXP™ & Carbon Series – AVAILABLE

SunTek in general offers two product lines featuring carbon technology: the CXP Series and the Carbon Series. For enhanced performance demands and luxury vehicles, we recommend the CXP Series’ non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology. No matter which series you choose to install, be confident in the tint’s ability to stand the test of time. It’s a non-reflective, rich black that’s backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, including protection against fading. So both films block 99% of harmful UV rays. But the difference between CXP and Carbon is that CXP works hardest to maintain interior vehicle comfort, with a higher level of solar energy rejection. Particularly this translates to better heat rejection and glare reduction, which will be a priority for vehicle owners who spend more time on the road, are concerned about interior cracking and fading, or prefer to feel a more significant temperature difference after upgrading automotive glass with window tint.

Dyed Metal Window Films – High Performance Series – UPON REQUEST

SunTek’s High-Performance Series tints are a hybrid metallized automotive tint, with time-proven construction. This film contains reflective quality that can be seen from a vehicle’s exterior, along with solar benefits.  The High-Performance Series also offers the most color options of any SunTek automotive tint, with 11 choices in charcoal, bronze and blue. Excellent for vehicle owners who appreciate more durability with a reflective look and are interested in a highly custom tint look that goes beyond shades of black.  On the road, vehicle owners with High Performance Series tint will notice less road glare and increased comfort. Interior finishes and passengers also benefit from UV protection of 98% or more, depending on color and level of VLT (visible light transmission) selected. 

Dyed Charcoal Window Films – Standard Pro & Standard Series – UPON REQUEST

If you’re primarily interested in the head-turning style change that comes with custom tint, SunTek’s Standard Pro Series and Standard Series product lines, engineered with economical dyed charcoal technology. These two series of tints both have a matte, non-reflective charcoal tone when viewed from inside or outside a vehicle and deliver the full benefits that naturally come from being in an area shaded from the sun: added privacy, reduced glare, less heat, and UV protection of 98% or more.  When it comes to choosing between Standard or Pro, owners with a longer-term commitment to their vehicle may prefer Standard Pro, while those who switch out their wheels often will be comfortable with Standard. Standard Pro offers 7 charcoal tint shades and a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, while Standard’s selection of shades is 6, with a manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty*. 

Available in 5%, 18%, 35%, 45%, 55% and 70% tints.

70% Tint

55% Tint

45% Tint

35% Tint

18% Tint

5% Tint

We are happy to discuss custom made quotations so please do not hesitate to get in touch. So fill in our Contact form or Please give us a call on: 07833084017

CARBON Premium Window Tinting Film

Carbon Premium Window Tinting
Carbon Premium Window Tinting Films

Premium Window Tinting Film that Not only does it darken windows to keep your privacy but it also rejects up to 99% of UV light. So Durability in excess of 8-10 years. Particularly available with 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% light transmittance and 98% UV light rejection.

Available in 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% tints.

70% Tint

50% Tint

35% Tint

20% Tint

5% Tint

We are happy to discuss custom made quotations so please do not hesitate to get in touch. So fill in our Contact form or Please give us a call on: 07833084017



If You Can’t Come To Us, We’ll Go To You.

all about Headlight & Tail Light tinting

In general Headlight and Tail Light Tint films are designed to bond to your lights with optically clear non-permanent adhesive. These high quality films are designed to ensure protection from stones and give a factory installed appearance that will last up to 7 years. So you can be sure that films we use are non-damaging and non-permanent. In general The vinyl is made of  a high quality polymeric PVC vinyl which allows the material to be highly flexible and not discolour under strectching.

Most Common Tint For Headlight & Tail Lights

All Price listed below are for pair of 2 x Front or 2 x Rear Lights

Light Smoke Headlight R

Light Smoke Headlight Tinting

Price: £80

Light Smoke Tail Lights Tinting

Light Smoke Tail Light Tinting

Price: £80

Matte Smoke Headlight Tint

Matte Smoke HeadLight Tinting

Price: £80

Matte Smoke Tail Light Tint

Matte Smoke Tail Light Tinting

Price: £80

Fly Eye Mesh Headlight Tint

Fly Eye Mesh Headlight Tinting

Price: £80

Fly Eye Mesh Tail Light Tint

Fly Eye Mesh Tail Light Tinting

Price: £80

Dark Smoke Headlight Tint

Dark Smoke HeadLight Tinting

Price: £80

Dark Smoke Tail Light Tint

Dark Smoke Tail Light Tinting

Price: £80

In addition to the most common Tint film above, there are various colours and tint levels that offer extremely uniq, elegant, bold and sporty look to your car.

More Tint Colours For Headlight & Tail Lights

Clear Chameleon Headlight Tint

Chameleon Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Yellow Headlight & Tail Tint

Yellow Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Orange Headlight & Tail Tint

orange Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Red Headlight & Tail Tint

Red Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Light Blue Headlight & Tail Tint

Light Blue Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Blue Headlight & Tail Tint

Blue Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Green Headlight & Tail Tint

Green Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

Pink Headlight & Tail Tint

Pink Headlight & Tail Tinting

Price: £80

We are happy to discuss custom made quotations so please do not hesitate to get in touch. So fill in our Contact form or Please give us a call on: 07833084017