Professional leather smart repair and leather restoration

leather car interior and leather furniture


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Professional leather repair and leather restoration

Our Certified Leather repair specialists provide a range of high-quality mobile auto leather detailing and leather furniture restoration services. As a basic, we serve all areas in Greater London and Surrey.

Furthermore for almost two decades, professionals are using our leather care products with high confidence. So the range covers all kinds of leather care products to clean, repair and restore all types of leather. In general leather Cleaner which is great cleaning product for furniture and cars. Then we use leather paint to paint directly onto leather. Furthermore the conditioner for leather we use to protect and condition leather.

In addition to our Auto leather repair and restoration services as a standard include a pre-wash, clay-bar application, tar, glue and tree sap remover. First we safely hand car wash the car with biodegradable shampoo. Second we are rinsing off the car. Third drying of the car. Fourth we are polishing the exterior glass & mirrors, and dressing of the tyres. Moreover we stage machine polish the car. Further we apply protective HD Wax. Polish the glasses and metal parts.

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For advice or assistance regarding our Leather SMART repairs and Restoration services, please get in touch with us by filling our Contact Form or please call us on 07833084017