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2 Bucket Method Mobile Car Detailing for Small and medium car; 4×4, SUV, Luxury & Sport

2 Bucket Method Car Detailing service in Greater London and Surrey offers a same-day solution for conveniently detailing the exterior of your vehicle.

Our 2 bucket method car wash is a time-consuming car detailing method that offers a scratch-safe cleaning solution. Also it is highly recommended for ceramic coated and PPF protected cars. So your vehicle is carefully washed, shampooed, rinsed, and blow air-dried.

All chemicals we use are PH balanced and safe for the exterior and car paint coating.

For example, this service is booked as a Full Car Valeting Prestige service. So is a full car valeting service that introduces a new generation of cleaning and detailing service. Because of that we use advanced methods of washing, double application snow foam cover based on nano technology. Also safe blow air-drying method (if applicable) of the exterior that guarantees scratch-free paint protection. So for this service, we use the latest inventions in the car valeting and the car detailing industry.

Generally speaking we offer a comprehensive safe for paint and all around cleaning service that will give your car new life and a beautiful look.

Top Quality Nano Sealant

In other words to achieve immaculate finishing effect and protection we apply by hand Top Quality Nano Sealant by Chemical Guys.

Mobile 2 Bucket Method Car Wash can be done at any time between 8AM and 8PM on the day of booking. As this is a same-day service, we can not guarantee an exact time of service.

Locations Served: Central London, Part of North London, Part of North West London, Part of South London, and South West London.

If you live in a different area, we may still be able to provide a valeting service for your vehicle. Please contact us before booking to confirm availability.

2 Bucket Method Mobile Car Wash in Greater London and Surrey

Service provided by us is convenient and time saving. So you do not need to wait at the car washes but we come to you and visit your location, house or office.

Book today or call us to check our availability. We do our best to cut time and do the service as soon as possible if available.

In addition you can request Covid – 19 Ozone disinfection for 50% discount. Usually £40 now £20. Depend on the condition of your car and the location we may use either methods – Standard Car Wash or Waterless. In addition we have ability to wash light and medium dirty cars parked in luxury underground car parks.

What is included in 2 BUCKET METHOD?

  1. Exterior pre-wash with high end product
  2. Rinse the car
  3. Exterior car wash with shampoo using 2 bucket method
  4. Rinse the car
  5. Dry the car with High Quality Microfiber Towel and finish with high end air blower that blowing away and drying, TOUCH FREE, any execessive water.
  6. Polish the exterior glass and mirrors
  7. Dressing the tyres
  8. Application of Nano coat sealant for extra protection

Price: £ 100.00

IMPORTANT! – If his service is a ‘same-day’ car wash service and therefore, we can not guarantee an exact time of service. Your presence will not be essential for this detailing service.

For available extras, please ask our Valeting Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

Looking for extras like adding Machine Car Polishing please visit: 1 STAGE MACHINE POLISHING

For Terms & Conditions please visit: T & C

£ 100.00 2 hours
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