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The Perfect Shine is Exclusive Protective Ceramic Nano Coatings For Small And Medium Car; 4×4, SUV, Luxury & Sport

The Perfect Shine Detailing, Ceramic-Nano Coating Paint Protection service in Greater London and Surrey offers a 2 days solution for conveniently detailing the exterior of your vehicle and ceramic coat and protect all exterior details. It is affordable way to keep your car looking brand-new and protect your vehicle’s shine for long time.

This Service can be done at any time between 8AM and 8PM on the day of booking.

Locations Served: Central London, Part of North London, Part of North West London, Part of South London, and South West London.

If you live in a different area, we may still be able to provide a valeting service for your vehicle. Please contact us before booking to confirm availability.

The Perfect Shine Detailing and Ceramic Coating paint Protection is a High-End car detailing service introducing new generation and highly advanced method of washing, application snow foam cover with nano technology, shampoo 2 bucket method car wash and blow air drying method of the exterior that guarantee scratch free paint protection followed by In depth clay bar application, decontamination and clear surface preparation. It is safest for the car paint method and best way preparing the surface for high end polishing and ceramic coating. Our aim is to achieve astonishing shining results and very long lasting up to 5 years paint protection. Only well trained and professional detailers are capable offering this service.

For your consideration! There is not yet ceramic nano coating manufacture that guarantees a full NON scratch coating. So we also can’t guarantee that your car will remain scratch free

What Is Included In THE PERFECT SHINE Exclusive Car Detailing?

  1. Pre-Wash with Snow Foam
  2. 2 Bucket Method Hand wash of the car
  3. Decontamination – removing tar, glue, tree sap using relevant products
  4. Inspect all details to ensure are perfectly cleaned
  5. 4+ Stage Machine Polishing to every possible to polish detail like top coat, metal parts, plastics etc.
  6. Panel wipe for preparation before application of Protective Ceramic-Nano Coat
  7. Hand or Machine application of the relevant Ceramic Coat
  8. Buff the car and remove excessive coating
  9. Glass Nano Seal the windscreen and all side and back glasses and mirrors
  10. Wheels Nano coat to all 4 rims fronts (We do not remove the wheels)
  11. Treat all plastics with protective coat
  12. Apply protection to all rubber seals around doors and boot

Recently we use KochChemie and Gtechniq ceramic-nano coatings as 1K – Nano, C1 Crystal Lacquer, EXO V4, Crystal Serum Light, Etc.

Price: £ 980.00

IMPORTANT! – This service is bookable in advance and is 2 days car detailing service. We guarantee an exact time. Your presence will not be essential for this detailing service.

For available extras, please ask our Valeting Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

For Terms & Conditions please visit: T & C

£ 980.00 10 hours
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