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Boat & Yacht Detailing Service

Our Detailing Experts provide a range of high-quality mobile boat and yachts detailing services. As a basic we serve all areas in Greater London and Surry. However we are happy to go further if customer requires.

In addition our Specialised Boat and Yachts detailing service as a standard include an overall cleaning, pre wash, clay bar application and dirt removal decontamination. So safe for any service wash with water-based, biodegradable shampoos. We apply protective HD wax or machine polish. Coat the service with Nano ceramic coat exterior and interior. In addition we apply Nano glass protection repellant product to all external glasses windows. Apply fabric protection also leather protection. Basically we cover it most.

We Use Only the best high end green products that are Bio-degradable and safe for the Environment.

Deck Teak Clean and Seal

Teak Clean, Oil or Sealant

Stage 1: Before apply sealant to boat furniture, deck and rails made of wood, teak must be well cleaned and decontaminated. Some cases will require sanding and restoration of the wooden surfaces. It is very important that the best quality track cleaner is used because can extend the wood lifespan without damaging it.

Stage 2: After proper cleaning and decontamination teak is recommended to be sealed and protected with high quality teak sealant or treated with teak oil. What is the difference between tick Oil and teak Sealant? Teak Oil “feeds” the wood and give it rich and warm look. It does not offer teak protection from UV and is hard to maintain and requires multiple coats when apply. Teak Sealant seal in the oils and resins that the existing wood contains. Work as protector sealant and requires less maintenance than the oils. Last much longer with UV protective qualities.

Boat Machine Polishing

Gel & Top Coat Correction & Polishing

Stage 1: It is very important before attempting sanding or polishing all boat body must be cleaned and decontaminated. This is most important part because can not machine polish contaminated gelcoat or clear coat The cleaning include pre-wash and actual wash using safe for the environment green, biodegradable products.

Stage S: Sanding in most occasions is unnecessary and costly. It is a clients choice.

Stage 2: Only and after well cleaning and decontaminating the boat or yacht body actual machine polishing may take place. There are 3 types of polishers that might be used as Rotary, Dual action and Orbital. Gel coat or Clear coat is machine polished in stages. All that depend on the condition of the surface. 1 or 2 stages are recommended and sufficient to be achieved excellent finishes.

Ceramic Nano Coating

Ceramic Nano Coatings

Detailing and Ceramic Coating paint Protection for Boat and Yacht is a High-End detailing service introducing new generation and highly advanced method of washing, application snow foam cover with nano technology, blow air drying method of the exterior that guarantee scratch free paint protection followed by In depth clay bar application, decontamination and clear surface preparation. It is safest for the paint method and best way preparing the surface for high end polishing and ceramic coating. Our aim is to achieve astonishing shining results and very long lasting up to 5 years paint protection. Only well trained and professional detailers are capable offering this service.

Boat Fabrics and Leather Protection

Fabrics & Leather Protection

Certified Leather repair specialists provide a range of high-quality fabric & leather detailing also leather furniture restoration services. Our leather care products have been used for almost two decades by professional. The range covers all kinds of leather care products to clean, repair and restore all types of leather. Leather paint is used to paint directly onto leather. Leather Cleaner which is great cleaning product. Leather conditioner is used to protect and condition leather. All interior and exterior fabrics are treated with relevant high end products. After proper cleaning and disinfection are covered with fabric protective nano coats that offer long lasting resistance to dirt, mould, etc.

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